Little Picassos started in 2003 with 8 Preschool children at the Holdfast Bay community Centre, as the children grew, and friends and family joined in, Little Picassos grew and now hosts approx. 400 children across the studios on a weekly basis, with more attending holiday and special event sessions.

We continue to grow and deliver more exciting programmes to the South Australian Community.

Little Picasso’s teachers are highly motivated, and are all qualified visual arts, art & education and/or early childhood specialists. Little Picasso’s teachers are selected for their passion for art education, enthusiasm for working with children and their ability to nurture each child’s love for art and art making.

We have a wonderful inspirational team at Little Picassos including the following staff: Aly Roberts, Jane Fahey, Amanda Baldwin,  Ekat Kouzionis, Mikaela Pearce, Joanna Hubbard, Ellie Weckert and Lucy Lange.

Founder Janine Boyd, has a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts with 20 years teaching experience as an art specialist in many South Australian Independent and State Schools, developing her own programmes and dynamic teaching style. Janine as well as managing/teaching at Little Picassos, creates Artist in Schools programmes for SA, runs Training Workshops for Primary School and ELC staff on teaching for the ‘Creative Child’ and writes curriculum documents based with Visual Art Education.