Drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, sculpture, textiles, collage and construction will be explored.

Term classes are age specific and run for eight consecutive weeks. We aim to encourage and develop creativity in each child. We value their ideas whilst providing the opportunity to have fun, explore new concepts, experiment with a range of quality materials and create original works of art in both two and three dimension.

Age Groups: 

Pee Wee Picassos: 2.5-4.5 years

Pre School Picassos : 4- 5.5 years

Art Adventurers 5 – 8 years

Art Explorers 9-11 years

Art Explorers Advanced 11 – 13 years

Art Specialist 13 + or by invitation

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Class Timetable 2023: please note this is a planned schedule and sessions may change numbers / teacher / students depending