Little Picassos aims to encourage and develop creativity in every child. We value their ideas whilst providing the opportunity to have fun, explore new concepts, experiment with a range of materials, and create original works of art in both two and three dimension.

Art areas to be explored include drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, construction, clay, sculpture, textiles and mixed media.

Little Picassos has four purpose build locations: Glenelg, Hyde Park, Magill and Woodcroft.

Term classes are age specific & run for eight consecutive weeks. Enrolments close week 2 of each term.

To Register, please login to the parent portal and select Studio and Class. 

Timetables for the studios: you can check the Timetables here: 



Pee Wee Picassos 

Mid week mornings,  45 min lessons
Ages 2½ – 4 with an accompanying adult

The emphasis is to introduce a number of art concepts in a fun, explorative way with caregivers on standby to encourage and assist. Educational & motivating with focus of learning on line, shape and colour.

Accompanying Adult class

From $280 per term

Pre School Picassos    

Mid week mornings-,  45 min lessons
Ages 4 – 5½ with an accompanying adult

A similar structure to Pee Wee Picasso classes, yet the next level of development. Line, shape, colour & form awareness, an introduction to observational drawing, and a combination of new art processes & materials. educational  sessions  full of fun & colour.

Accompanying Adult class

From $280 per term

Art Adventurers

After school & Saturday classes 1 hr 
Ages 5 – 8 years

These classes are designed to enhance each students natural abilities and to extend them to see as an artist. Line, shape, colour, form, composition, and spatial awareness is explored and emphasized. Students will experiment and create wonderful artworks, both two and three dimensional.

Drop and Go sessions

From $295 per term

Art Explorers

After school and Saturday classes 1 hr 
Ages 9 – 11 years

Students will study the basics of form, composition, colour and perspective, learning to see as an artist. A broad range of topics, materials, processes and art concepts are covered throughout each term. Individual teaching within the group setting.

Drop and Go sessions

From $295 per term

Art Advanced

Selected sessions 1 hr 
Ages 12—14 years

Students will explore the next stage of materials, technique & instruction as they develop their own style and reflect this through drawings, paintings, sculpture and collage. 

Drop and Go sessions

From $300 per term

Art Specialist

Selected sessions  1 hr or 2 hr s
Ages 13 plus years (or by invitation)

A specialist programme for students to continue their art exploration and to build up an individual portfolio for senior school art development.

Drop and Go sessions

From $305 per term one hour / $420 per term 2 hour