Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Fees are set each term and are outlined in your welcome letter or end of term information pack. All new students have a one off Art pack when commencing and enrollment with Little Picasso’s. This fee covers the art pack and enrolment administration. On occasion, additional fees may be charged when services are outsourced, clay firing fee or exhibition fee. You may opt out of these additional fees and the service will not be provided. Fees are due in full by your child’s first lesson. Students with unpaid fees will not be able to attend further lessons. Outstanding payment will receive a late fee plus an additional fee of 40% is we send the collection of outstanding fees to a collection agency.
  2. Missed lessons cannot be made up unless negotiated well prior to the student’s absence. A maximum of 2 missed lessons can be made up by negotiation in a term, and by approval of the class teacher and or Director. Missed lessons cannot be made up in another term.
  3. There is no discount or reduction in fees for missed classes. Please understand that classes are carefully planned to suit student skill and extension.
  4. Class numbers are set & additional students for makeup classes must not exceed set class numbers. Lessons are sequential with materials prepared especially on the day.
  5. No refund will be issued on term fees once the term has commenced.
  6. Paid fees or deposit cannot be transferred to another term, and are non refundable.
  7. Deposits to hold a place in the class are non refundable and are essential to ensure place in class is not for forted.
  8. Only enrolled children* are permitted to attend the class, unfortunately we cannot accommodate friends or family to join in, watch or stay during lesson time.
    *Pee Wee and or Pre School accompanying adults permitted, one per child only.
  9. Parents/Caregivers of children of school age may not stay during lesson time. This is in the best interests of the child/ class developmental learning. Our insurance for school age children only covers enrolled students and those employed by the studio.
  10. The director has the right to refuse enrolment, end enrolment or suspend enrolment of any child or parent of.
  11. Classes may vary from advertised timetable depending on days / times as negotiated by individual studios, parents and teachers. Minimum numbers apply and classes will not run until minimum numbers have been reached.
  12. All lessons/artwork are the property of littlepicassos and cannot be copied, duplicated or photographed. All term class, school holiday art workshops are original in design, description and content. They are copyright protected and remain the intellectual property of Janine Boyd and Little Picassos and may not be used, copied, or replicated in whole or part without the express permission of Janine Boyd and Little Picassos.

Policy for the use of Mobile Phones or Electronic devises at Little Picassos.

Whilst at Little Picasso’s, any mobile phones or electronic devices must be kept in a student’s art or personal bag and not used during lesson time, this includes taking or making phone calls, text messaging, emails, internet use, or any other function including, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or use the camera to record in any way, from still, video or sound recording. All students and staff have the right to feel safe, protected and not to be distracted by the use of phones or electronic devices during art lessons.

  • Phones should be left on silent in the student’s bag and can only be accessed at the end of a session (if required) for communication purposes with a parent or caregiver.
  • Phones or electronic devices may only be used at the completion of lesson time to record a student’s own personal artworks. Work, images, ideas or drawings by any other student or staff member cannot be recorded or photographed at any time at little Picassos.
  • If a student would like to access the internet for research purposes of an image during lesson time, they may discuss the request with the teacher of that group who may allow supervised access to the studio phone and WIFI for a limited time to follow up on an image.
  • If a student has an image on their phone for reference for an artwork, we recommend they bring a hard copy print to class as they will not be permitted to use their phone to access the image.
  • If a student is found to be in breech of the policy during lesson time, the teacher will request the phone to be left in their care and the teacher will return it directly to the parent at the conclusion of the lesson.
  • accompanying parents with Peewee and Pre School children may use their device to photograph their child for personal record purposes only. Other children may not be photographed without the other parent permission. Staff and class lessons may not be recorded or photographed. Lessons in progress may not be recorded in any way, this includes photography, video, instagram or snapchat.
  • If a parent must contact a student during lesson time, we request the parent use the studio contact phone as listed on our website or, the student can leave the personal devise with the teacher so the teacher can communicate with the student directly once contact is made.

Pee Wee and Pre School Picasso Classes

A guide to getting the best from your children’s art lessons.
Created by Janine Boyd, © 2015

1. When Possible, arrive right on time.

Please aim to be arriving at the studio door at the correct time. If you find yourself early, please go for a walk together, sit in the car and read a book or wait outside for the teacher to open the door to you and invite you in. Teachers only have limited time to prepare the extensive array of materials in the mornings (most made fresh on the day) and all of our lessons are structured to be exactly 45 minutes in duration for the best possible learning for your child. Too early to a class and your child will become frustrated because they are ready to create and may have to wait. Arrive late, and your child might not have the time required to complete the task without rushing. We will start and finish all classes at the scheduled time.

2. Be prepared to get messy (both of you)

It is an art lesson, wear old clothes that can get messy, art smocks should always be worn (good practice) all materials are ‘washable’ but sometimes take a lot of washing to get out, AND mess happens and mess should be fun, not stressful.

3. Encourage Classroom Etiquette.

This may be your child’s first time in a ‘classroom’ setting, show them and remind them what is expected during lesson time: encourage ‘LOOKING and LISTENING’ when the teacher is talking, (parents too) encourage your child to share with others, to cooperate, and to wait their turn.

Classroom etiquette also applies to parents, please switch off your phone, if your talking with other parents please talk quietly but remember this time is for you and your child together and the lesson is structured for you to be part of that, supervise, advise and encourage.

4. No Pressure. . .

Art should be fun, if your child doesn’t feel like doing something on occasion, that’s okay too. Some children like to watch others before they are willing to have a go, some days they just don’t want to get something wet or slimy on their hands and sometimes they aren’t in the mood. Trust how they are feeling, and watch with them whilst talking about or questioning what others are doing.

“That looks interesting, what do you think that feels like?… what colour do you think she is making? .

5. Let your child create . . . .

The lesson time is for your child. There may be some instruction, but this is a guideline to the learning, not a rule. Let your child explore the materials, medium or idea in their own way. Remember: Art doesn’t have to look like something, it can be a swoosh of colours, or a swirly scribble. See what your child creates and listen to them as they talk about their work, it is fascinating what they come up with all on their own!

6. When they ask you to do it . . ?

Often, a child will say “they cant” or “ I wont” This usually means “I don’t know where to begin” Please call the teacher over and they will step them through the process. Or sometimes they are tired and just don’t want to finish their work, perhaps work together on some parts and praise them for the parts they have completed by themselves.

7. If you need to bring a sibling. . .

If you need to bring a sibling with you to art class, that’s ok and they are welcome. Please bring along whatever you need for them to keep busy. If there is space at the table and they are old enough they are welcome to sit, however please bring your own paint, pencils, markers and paper to keep them active . Art fees cover materials for the children enrolled in the class only.

8. Ask if your not sure

If you or your child is not sure, ask. Sometimes the children need one on one instruction after the group has started, that’s what we are there for.

9. Most importantly HAVE FUN