Term One Overview

This term our students excelled with creative thinking and artistic development with some standout projects from our first program of the year.

Pee-wee and Pre-school students learnt all about vertical and horizontal lines practising this new skill on various paper shapes using ink bottles. These pieces were then arranged to form their very own zebra, finally finished with collage materials to add that extra detail. Super cute!

Our Adventurers learnt about emotive chalk fish illustration from the work of illustrator Mies van Hout. Happy, sad, confident, fish were drawn, cut out and then collaged into their very own underwater garden full of seagrasses, shells and the occasional crab!

Our Explorer program also explored fish, firstly learning about pen tonal works and continuous line drawing, and then moving into beautiful watercolour fish with wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques creating different results. 

The Advanced students had to think more critically learning about paper cutting details into folded paper. Their skills developed into underwater scenes and then mandala templates for screen printing.

Finally, the Specialist groups were inspired by artist Maia Green and her still life paintings. Firstly they developed beautiful abstract underpainting using a squeegee and dabs of paint. Once dry they chalked up their still life design on top and blocked out the background to reveal gorgeous textures and colours within the foliage. 

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